DCCC Mission

Dallas Chinese Community Center provides a venue for Chinese people from around the world to renew their heritage in Chinese culture and education and to enjoy recreational activities. The Center provides a window of opportunity to share Chinese experiences with the DFW community. DCCC is dedicated to serve both the Asian and non-Asian communities, cultivating mutual understanding and establishing common values between Chinese and mainstream society and elevating the visibility and standing of Chinese Americans in the United States.

DCCC Origin

DCCC, founded in April, 1985, was the first organization estab-lished by the Asian community members in North Texas. In July, 1992, DCCC officially became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

DCCC Tasks

Promote Chinese Heritage of:
· Culture
· Arts
· Traditional Values

Exchange and Learn from Each Other’s:
· Experiences
· Common Values and Differences

Provide More Access to:
· Life Skills Courses
· Health and Wellness Education
· Recreational Activities
· Community Services
· Support for Overseas Chinese