Recreation and Fitness

Class Schedule

Table Tennis

Table tennis class is held four times a week by coach George Fang. Anyone seven years of age or older can register. Through the class, students develop their physical agility and build confidence, which will have a positive impact in their everyday lives.



Tai-chi is a slow, meditative internal martial art with both firm and soft movements. From natural breathing and an awareness of the body, Tai-chi generates one’s energy, bringing about internal and external strength. It helps to relieve stress, improve balance, and prevent high blood pressure and heart problems. Tai-chi is taught weekly to adults by master Bob Tu.


Line Dance

Line dance has become increasingly popular since the class started. Originated from country western, line dance nowadays merges pop music with Cha-Cha, Samba, Tangle and Waltz. Dancing to the rhythm of beautiful music without a partner is the main appeal of line dance. There are beginners and advance classes three times a week, taught by experienced teachers.


Ballroom Dance

The increasing popularity and interest of ballroom dance had made this class a great success. Students started with no dancing experience are able to perform in a short time. What a great way to build confidence and poise! There are youth and adult classes. Monthly dance party is held at the Center and is open to the public.


Yuan-Chi Dance

Yuan-Chi dance incorporates dance, Tai-Chi and massage in one. Its simple movements are beneficial to the body and mind especially when dancing in a group. The class meets once a week


Folk Dance

Every Saturday afternoon in DCCC a group of dancers swing gracefully to the lively folk music. It is no accident that everyone is tempted to join in. The Dallas Chinese folk dance club has been established for 17 years, and is one of the longest running program of DCCC. They are committed to introduce the beauty and joy of folk dance to anyone interested. Folk dance combines music, dance and ethnic culture all in one.