2017 Children Singing Competition Results

Congratulations to all our participants, winners, and judges of the Children Singing Competition on April 1, 2017.

Special Thank You to:
Sponsorship 活動贊助: Comerica Bank聯信銀行羅玉昭 , Cathay Bank 國泰銀行
Gifts Donation 禮品贊助: 99 Ranch Market大華超級市場, Eva Air長榮航空 ,
休士頓華僑文教服務中心, Cathay Bank 國泰銀行
媒體贊助: 達拉斯日報, 達拉斯新聞
M/C 主持人: Roni Wu & Ashley Lao Josephine Wei & Britney Ting
Photograph 攝影: Sean Lee Video/Audio音響: Peter Shi
理事長: 雷筱鳳 活動負責人 :許祖瑛
計分組: 曹利娜,王嘉玲、陳文珊、馬燕軍、CYC volunteers

Asian American Culture Festival – April 22

Saturday, April 22, 11:00am-2:00pm
at DFW Chinatown in Richardson

Eat authentic and delicious food, watch cultural performances, participate in cultural activities, and play games! There is fun for all ages including a kid zone with games, pictures and more! We will have a lion dance performing to kick off the event.

If you, your organization, your company, etc. would like to have a booth at our event, please click here for more information: 2017 Food_Festival_Registration_Form

2017 - Asian American Culture Festival - EN

2017 Children Chinese Song Singing Competition – April 1

Our 7th annual Children Chinese Singing Contest will be on April 1. For the competition, the children can compete as individuals or groups in a specific age division. Registration is $15 per person. The goal of this competition is to build self confidence and encourage children to learn culture through singing Chinese Songs. Big thank you to our sponsors including Comerica Bank, Cathay Bank and Healthy Kids, 99 Ranch Market, Eva Air, and State Farm. For the Registration Form please click here: 2017 Children Singing Contest Registration Form  Other questions, please contact DCCC at 972-480-0311.

2017- DCCC Children Singing-Poster

2016 Chinese Calligraphy Competition Results

Results are posted in the Chinese version of this article. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants!  The awards ceremony will be held on December 3rd and the winning entries will be on display at the Community Center at the end of November. Please come take a look!

Special thanks to the seven judges who took the time out of their busy schedule to help us: Mr. Zhonghua Li, Ms. Jing Miao, Mr. Rujun Ruan, Mr. Dejin Yang, Mr. Aimin Yang and Mr. Dingyi Yu. We would also like to thank the City of Richardson, Cathay Bank and the Taiwan Academy of Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee of Taiwan for sponsoring this event.


公開組(年齡十九歲以上):第一名余濤  獎金$100元、第二名王強  獎金$50元、第三名劉代瑞  獎金$30元。

高級組(年齡十五至十八歲):第一名黃嬿樺  獎金$80元、第二名杜亨順獎金$50元。第三名陳家寶獎金$25元。
中級組(年齡十一至十四歲):第一名王煜雯 獎金$60元、第二名劉育愷獎金$40元、第三名翁愛娥  獎金$20元。
初級組(年齡十歲以下):第一名林家儀獎金$40元、第二名劉芳懿  獎金$20元、第三名林怡萱 獎金$10元。


主辦單位特此向七位書法比賽評審女士先生致謝,感謝他們在百忙之中前來評分,七位評審女士先生(以姓氏筆劃為順序):李中華先生、苗以靜女士、阮如鈞先生、陳啟雄先生、楊德進先生、楊愛民先生及虞定一先生,此外要感謝贊助單位:City of Richardson、國泰銀行及僑委會台灣書院贊助此項活動。