North Texas Giving Day – Save the Date 9/17/2020

Dallas Chinese Community Center (DCCC) is one of the beneficiaries of “North Texas Giving Day” on September 17.  We realize this is a challenging time for so many, but we are in this together. If the time is right for you and your family, we would be extremely appreciative if you would consider donating to the Dallas Chinese Community Center. If you have donated to DCCC in the past, we appreciate it very much.  We hope you can support us again.

How do you donate? Here are three options:
(1) Donate during Early Giving (from September 1 8 am to September 16 at midnight) at  Early giving Donations will be processed in real time.
(2) North Texas Giving Day now accepts checks. Please make the check out to DCCC. Donors should give their checks directly to DCCC between September 1 and 16 (4pm).
(3) Donate on Thursday, September 17 between 6 am to midnight (Central Time)* by visiting Continue reading

Online Nutrition and Wellness Course, Sun 2:00-4:00pm

Nutrition and Exercise are important factors to keep us healthy. DCCC and AACCS will host Nutrition and Wellness course, which includes The Basic of Nutrition, Food Detective, Portion Control, Food Safety and Cancer Prevention. The course will be taught by licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, Chunyun Xiao and Oncologist, Zhiyong Li. We also arrange activities taught by licensed Physical Therapist, Daisy Su to enhance our body’s strength. The classes will be taught in Chinese on Zoom. Continue reading

2020 Fall Online Job Ready Courses

Dallas Chinese Community Center is offering free series courses focusing on Job Readiness starting September 14 2020. The courses hosted by Dallas Chinese Community Center are sponsored by the Orchid Giving Circle. We encourage everyone to sign up for a variety of courses to enhance your workplace competitiveness. There is no fee and it only takes 5 persons for a class to be opened. If you are interested, please contact DCCC at 972-292-8281 or with any questions. Continue reading

Online Health Seminar: Dementia Patients and Their Caregivers, 7/18/2020 2:00pm

DCCC will host a panel discussion for caregivers of Dementia patients. Dr. Weizhou Tang, a postdoctoral researcher and Dr. Kathy Lee, an Assistant professor from the University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work will present information and resources that help people with Alzheimer’s Disease of dementia and their family caregivers. They will also present an opportunity to participate in a survey to understand Chinese dementia caregivers for their research funded by the Alzheimer’s Association.

Continue reading