Job Ready Courses Summer 2019

Dallas Chinese Community Center is offering free series courses focusing on Job Readiness during Summer 2019. The courses hosted by the Dallas Chinese Community Center are sponsored by the Orchid Giving Circle. We encourage everyone to sign up for a variety of courses to enhance your workplace competitiveness. If you are interested, please complete the registration form and contact DCCC 972-480-0311 with any questions.
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Job Ready Registration Form Summer 2019

ESL Classes Summer 2019

Pronunciation correction and conversation class
Dallas Chinese Community Center will hold a new English “Pronunciation correction and conversation” class starts on 5/7/19 3-5 pm. (Tuesday). Once a week, 8 weeks a session. The class will teach by experienced ESL teacher. Welcome all level to come join the class. Registration fee $10, not including books.
Students will learn and practice:
• A selection of Idioms (Idiomatic expressions), phrasal Verbs.
• Tips on pronunciation of Standard American-style such as: Tricky vowel and consonant sounds, syllable stress and intonation, linking words, consonant to vowel, pronunciation of regular verbs in the past.
• Participate in oral presentations, role plays, and conversation.

Beginner to intermediate ESL class
Also, we have open enrollment for our current beginner to intermediate ESL class. Class will start on 5/8/19 3-5 pm (Wednesday). Twice a week (Wednesday, Thursday 3-5 pm), 8 weeks a session. Welcome beginner to intermediate level students to come join the class. Registration fee $10, not including books.
Students will learn and practice:
• Basic greeting and phrases.
• Conveying ideas in writing.
• Listening activity.
• Practicing lifelong learning skills.
• Reading with understanding.
• Seeking feedback and revising accordingly.
• Attending to oral communication.

2019 Tai Chi Class

According to Harvard Medical School, “[Tai Chi] addresses the key components of fitness — muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and, to a lesser degree, aerobic conditioning.” To read more:

2019 Tai Chi classes will be offered on Monday 6-7pm and Sunday 4-5pm. Classes will start on January 14 (Monday) and January 20 (Sunday), respectively. Four classes cost $40. If you are interested in taking Tai Chi classes, please contact DCCC 972-480-0311.