2020 Spring Job Ready Courses

  1. Internet Application Course starts from 2/29 10am for four Saturdays
  2. iPhone Intro Course starts from 4/11 10am for two Saturdays
  3. iPad Intro Course starts from 4/25 10am for two Saturdays
  4. Android Intro Course starts from 5/9 10am for two Saturdays
  5. Accounting course starts from 3/24 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday for four weeks (total 8 classes)
  6. Please register as soon as possible. Thank you.

Dallas Chinese Community Center is offering free series courses focusing on Job Readiness starting January 2020. The courses hosted by Dallas Chinese Community Center are sponsored by the Orchid Giving Circle. We encourage everyone to sign up for a variety of courses to enhance your workplace competitiveness. The registration fee is $10 and it only takes 3 persons for a class to be opened.  If you are interested, please contact the DCCC at 972-292-8281 or dccc.coordinator@gmail.com with any questions.

Travel the World with Cancer, Grasp the Essence of Life: Dr. Ling Shiao's Tour of Three Ancient Cities of Luxor, Jerusalem, and Athens, 12/8/2019 2:00pm

Six years ago in the prime of her life, Dr. Ling Shiao was diagnosed with cancer. Had it not been for the disease, she would have continued to be completely immersed in teaching and writing to further her career. A break from intense academic life has given her the opportunity to reexam life and ponder its meaning. While journeying on the razer edge of life and death over the past six years, she has also followed her heart’s calling to explore the world, bringing a richness to her life that was not possible before. To find out how a world traveler, with cancer as her constant companion, sees and experiences three great cities of antiquity, come to hear her talk. She will share with you the mysteries of gods and pharaohs in Luxor, Egypt; the revelations of the three Abrahamic religions in Jerusalem, Israel/Palestine; and the wisdom of great philosophers of Athens, Greece. Continue reading