North Texas Giving Day – Save the Date 9/23/2021

Dallas Chinese Community Center (DCCC) will be one of the beneficiaries of North Texas Giving Day on September 23.  We hope you will consider supporting DCCC and enhancing our programs, events, and the Center.  If you have donated to DCCC in the past, we appreciate it very much and we hope you can support us again.

How do you donate? Here are two options:
(1) Donors may donate by visiting the DCCC page of the North Texas Giving Day website, and clicking “DONATE NOW” in the top right corner. 

  • Donors may donate early between September 1 and September 22. 
  • Donors may donate on North Texas Giving Day, Thursday, September 23, between 6am to midnight (Central Time).

(2) North Texas Giving Day accepts checks.  Please make the check out to DCCC.  Donors should give their checks directly to DCCC between September 1 and 22 (4pm).


  • After clicking donate now, select your donation amount of at least $25, fill out the requested information, and add to cart.
  • If you are in Taiwan or China at that time, please be aware of the 13-hour time difference.

Thank you for your time and support!