Chinese Calligraphy Competition Award Ceremony – December 1

The awards ceremony for all the winners of the Chinese Calligraphy Competition will be on Saturday, December 1 at 5:00 pm. Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony!

The winner’s list:
Group 4: 1st 詹雁心 prize $100, 2nd楊俊彥 Prize $50,3rd 王美惠 prize$30 and one trophy for each。
Group 3:1st 楊博丞 prize $80, 2nd 楊博涵 prize $50 and one trophy for each 。
Group 2:1st 翁愛娥prize $60, 2nd 楊博雅 prize $40, 3rd 徐麗晴 prize $20 and one trophy for each 。
4th Zack Goforth prize $15, 5th Evan Graeme prize $10 and one Certificate for each 。
Honorable Mention: Katherine Fang, Carson Bosita, Hilton Sampson: one Certificate for each。
Group 1:1st 翁鈺淇 prize $40, 2nd Isabella Fang prize $20, 3rd Elson Liu prize $10 and one trophy for each 。