Children Chinese Painting Class (Open Enrollment)

Thomas Yu, a well known calligrapher in Dallas, will be teaching this course for 10 weeks. During this ten-week course, Mr. Yu will teach children basic foundation, from seating posture, brush holding to actually writing. It is a great opportunity for your kids to experience and appreciate calligraphy and to increase their enthusiasm to write Chinese characters. Mr. Yu received Chinese calligraphy basic instruction from his great uncle and grandpa at age 7. He also learned from Mr. Yo, a professor at the Arts Institute of Peking and has been practicing ever since. He has lectured at Washington University Chinese Art Festival in St. Louis, MO, Dallas Museum of Art and Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Campbell Museum in Fort Worth, as well as SMU, UTD, Richland College, Austin College, Chinese Community Center and many other institutions in the DFW area. The cost of the course is $100 for 10 lessons. The course is being offered to children from age 6 to 11. If interested in enrolling, please come by DCCC to register or contact us at 972-480-0311.

New Books in the Library

DCCC Library has new books arriving for 2016. If interested in renting books or DVDs, please visit DCCC and inquire about getting a library card. We also have free 2016 calendars available, one per household.

2016 ESL Class (January 11 – April 21)

With the Adult ESL class, you will learn writing skills, proper pronunciation and grammar. The program is an intensive learning experience that will help improve your English skills.

Current spring class dates are from January 11 to April 21. There is no tuition, rather only a $20 entry fee and $50 for textbooks. Course includes speaking, listening, reading and writing. If interested in enrolling, please come by DCCC to register or contact us at 972-480-0311.

Chinese Painting Class (January 6 – February 24)

Chinese Painting Class is now officially open for registration.  Classes will begin January 6, Wednesday at 1:00pm, include a total of 8 classes (January 6 – February 24), and be held in the DCCC Conference Room.

Course will include basic exercises like painting flowers, bamboo, and birds. The teacher 張毓琇 will adjust the instruction based on the different levels of the students.  The entire 8 classes cost a total of $120.  If you pay in one payment rather than separate payments for each class ($15 each class), you can pay a total of $80 and save $40.  If interested in registering, please contact DCCC (972-480-0311).

Chinese Ceramics Class (starts January 11)

Following the October 31 lecture and the enthusiastic responses from the lecture, a Chinese Ceramics class has been created. The teacher is Mrs. Teresa Tsao, a former chief curator of ceramics at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. In the class, you will learn about the ceramics from various dynasties and learn to identify the authenticity of ceramics.

Courses will be held every Monday at 5:30pm-6:30pm. The courses will be held for a period of three months and the cost is $15 per hour. Tuition will be paid at the beginning of each month. Need seven students to register to open the class. If interested in enrolling, please come by DCCC to register or contact us at 972-480-0311.