2014 Children Singing Competition Results

On April 12, DCCC hosted the 4th annual Children Singing Competition.

Below are the results:

Age 3
1st Place Kenny Chau,2nd Place Myron Liew,3rd Place Kaitlyn Balsley
Age 4
1st Place Bethany Xu,2nd Place Isabella Fang,3rd Place Sarah Murray
Age 5
1st Place Vivian Pang,2nd Place Eleanor Manz,3rd Place Steven Li
Group Performance: Ages 3-5
1st Place Eliana Chen,Agape Chen,Grace Wang, Jessica Yang, Kayla Zhang,2nd Place Jayden Wu, Alyssa Sheu, Melody Saw, Gina Liang, Chester Sheu, Felix Schlifer , 3rd Place Jonathan Swe, Ian Ye
Ages 6-8
1st Place Eve Yang,2nd Place Julia Duan, 3rd Place Jessica Wu
Ages 9-10
1st Place Jennifer Xiong,2nd Place Zachary Tian,3rd Place Kaitlyn Hou
Age 11
1st Place Evan Li,2nd Place 陳星云,3rd Place Joseph Li

A special thank you to our sponsors and volunteers for making this event a success:
• Underwriter: Comerica Bank (Jody Raymond & Helene Lee)
• Banner Sponsorship: Southwestern National Bank (Wendy Kao)
• Gifts Donation Gift Sponsor: Ranch 99 , VLife, Chinese Culture Center in Houston
• Video / Audio Sound: 李溪雄, Stella Lee
• Poster Design: Shirley Wu
• Photography: 李溪雄
• Media Sponsor : V Life, Dallas Chinese News
• World News – World Journal – Dallas Chinese Times
• Volunteer : Ying Ying Su, Yan Ho, Joanna Liu, Katherine Chen, Grace Zheng
• DCCC Chairwoman: Anna Chu
• Activities Coordinator: 傅貝貝、 陳文珊、 樊秋霞 Tina Higley
• 顧問:韓冬梅老師、ABC School 劉家涵校長、A+ School Sherry校長、Plano Day School
A+ School Sherry校長、 慈濟林晶如老師、佛光山 、 QD Academy
• 舞台設計:石秀麗 文宣組負責人 : 傅貝貝
• Registration/Back Stage Help : Anna Chu, Katherine Chen, Joanna Liu, Ying Ying Su, Nancy Kang
• Scoring: Peggy Chu, Ying Lu, Tina Higley

If you would like to see pictures, please check the facebook album.