Chinese Youth Camp

The 2013 DFW Chinese Youth Camp is taking camper abilify dosage registration. The registration is available to download at 2013 CYC Camper Registration. The 2013 CYC is scheduled from June buy accutane online 30 (Sunday) till July 6 (Saturday) at the UT Arlington campus. The campers range from age 8-18 years old. Our camp is unique in the range of classes/activities we offer. Each year, we invite 3 teachers from Taiwan to join our camp to teach three core Chinese cultural classes (arts and crafts, folk activities and folk dance). Each teacher is a master in his respective cultural subject and adds a tremendous dynamic to camp curriculum and delivers a more enhanced learning abilify dosage experience to our campers. Additionally, we have talented local teachers, who teach classes such as street/modern dance, martial arts, leadership, film making and more. If interested, please visit the zoloft online CYC website at or download the form 2013 CYC Camper Registration.