09/06-07 Adult ESL Class Open Enrollment for Fall Semester

New immigrants from foreign countries not only face language barrier but also culture differences. It takes time and effort to overcome these challenges. There is no shortcut and it can be done. Your result is in direct relation to your investment. DCCC’s adult ESL class teaches both written and spoken English. Our experienced teachers will lead you to build a solid foundation in English. Grammar and conversational English are practiced in the class. When you conclude our ESL program, you will be able to converse and write English confidently. Our graduates are the testimony of the results.

The fall semester starts in September and lasts for 13 weeks. The class meets twice a week for two hours each time. No tuition is charged. Only $20 of registration fee and $25 of class material is collected at registration. Minimum enrollment of each class is 10 students. The only requirement is 18 years and older. All nationalities and origins and a desire to learn are welcome to enroll. Due to limited space, early enrollment will ensure you a seat in the class.

Book II (2nd Half)

Mon, Wed

10 AM -12 PM


Book I (1st Half)

Tue, Thu

10 AM – 12 PM


Book I (1st Half)

Tue, Thu

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Minimum 10 students