Asian American Culture Festival – April 18


Asian American Culture Festival
April 18, 2015, Saturday    11:00am-3:00pm
at Richardson Chinatown

Come out to enjoy authentic and delicious food, watch cultural performances, and play games!  Cultural performances include singing, dancing, Chinese Yo Yo, etc. Fun for all ages including a kid zone with games, pictures and more!

Food Festival Form: 2015 food_festival_form

2015- Asian American Culture Festival
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Social Security Seminar Information

Thank you Angie Hoquang for providing information about social security on March 7. To follow up her discussion, we wanted to provide information about how to set up a social security account.

To set up an account, please click on this link.
For more detailed information: My Social Security

Medical Seminar Series organized by AACCS and DCCC

Medical Seminar Series organized by AACCS and DCCC
on Saturday, 3/21 at 1:00-4:00 pm; Sunday, 3/29 at 2 pm

1. “Ask an Oncologist”(請問醫生有關個人化的醫療導航)3/21/15 Saturday 1:00 to 3:00 pm at DCCC (華人活動中心)
Dr. Zhiyong Li, an oncologist with 20 years of experience, will answer questions present by cancer patients. Please submit your question before 3/15 by calling (214) 868-5903
李志勇醫生,具20年腫瘤科研究治療經驗的癌症專科醫生將在現場回答癌友的醫療問題.請您在3/15之前電話提出您的問題 (214)868-5903
2. Cancer support group meeting same day same location 3:00 to 4:00 pm.
3. Colon Cancer Prevention Seminar: Title “The prevention of colon cancer and colonoscopy.” 3/29/15 Sunday 2:00 pm at DCCC.
Dr. Gang Quan, a gastroenterologist will discuss the importance of colon cancer prevention.

Flyer Information: 健康講座 3-21-2015

Children’s Calligraphy Classes

DCCC introduces a children’s calligraphy class for kids, ages 6-11.

Thomas Yu, a well known calligrapher in Dallas, will be teaching this course for 10 weeks. During this ten-week course, Mr. Yu will teach children basic foundation, from seating posture, brush holding to actually writing. It is a great opportunity for your kids to experience and appreciate calligraph and to increase their enthusiasm to write Chinese characters. Mr. Yu received Chinese calligraphy basic instruction from his great uncle and grandpa at age 7. He also learned from Mr. Yo, a professor at the Arts Institute of Peking and has been practicing ever since. He has lectured at Washington University Chinese Art Festival in St. Louis, MO, Dallas Museum of Art and Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Campbell Museum in Fort Worth, as well as SMU, UTD, Richland College, Austin College, Chinese Community Center and many other institutions in the DFW area. $100 for 10 lessons to support DCCC.

Texas Written Drivers License Test Class

This class will start in April and will help students improve their Driver’s Education on a Saturday and Sunday. This two-day course will prepare you for the Written Examination in order to acquire the Learner’s Permit that leads to the Driver’s License.

The course covers seven units from Driver Responsibility to Road Signs, from Right of Way to Defensive Driving. Online test can be taken once the course is complete on the second day. Once you pass the test and receive your certificate, you can go to the Department of Public Safely for the eye exam and road test when you are ready. Registration fee: $100. Online course: $75.

The online course materials will be in English, but we have prepared the Chinese translation with personal assistance by bilingual volunteers. Last year, all participants passed the written test after completing the course. Please contact DCCC at (972) 480-0311 for detail information.

Thank you to State Farm for sponsoring this Driver’s Education course.